viernes, 14 de octubre de 2011

Thai Airways Boeing 747-2D7 'HS-TGA'

This is the first 747 for Thai airways.An aircraft named 'Visuthakasatriya' and registered as HS-TGA,now operates as a freighter for Atlas.

Model 747-200 by Project Open Sky for FS2004.

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pablo dijo...

xudeva, ¿podrías poner un enlace de megaupload?

Xudeva Irribarra dijo...

Solucionado ;-)

Anónimo dijo...

Hello Xudeva. Beautiful texture. Seeing his performance as an artist, I see that you are the best painter I know, so I need a rush job! If that is kind of annoying to lose a job so more is because the event will have a virtual company that I would like to participate and texture of a United Airlines (Continental Airlines to Merge) for the Boeing 747-8I SkySpirit here for up to 4 days. There is only one texture of United for 747-8I and is of very poor quality and I want one made ​​for you, for obvious reasons :) Hope you can make it. Hugs, Mittchell.

Xudeva Irribarra dijo...


Sorry ,but you don't give me the enough time to do it,I need a week at least,sorry again, but that is not possible
Thank you

Anónimo dijo...

Hello Xudeva. If you want you can be a week, they are 5 days of event, there while you do the texture, I use the Boeing 747-400 that you did :) If you can not do no harm, it is important that you continue with this wonderful work you do. Congratulations and thank you, Mittchell.

Xudeva Irribarra dijo...

Hello.Sorry again,but a lot of friends are waiting for their respective requests long time ago